12 Rebirth

I have gathered an incredibly talented and professional group of artists and creators to help me bring this record and vision to life. Allison Leyton-Brown is producing with Bryan Pugh as engineer. We are recording at the beautiful Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY, a fun and synchronistic happening that connects me to the powerful energy of the Summer of Love. We have excellent studio musicians playing Piano, Bass, Drums and Cello and I am thrilled to have Mark Erelli playing guitar (and maybe singing?) If you don't know who Mark Erelli is, find out. He is not just an amazing musician and songwriter but also an excellent human.

We have recorded 12 tracks, mostly songs that are like my good old fashioned folk songs you remember from the 2012: Isn't it Amazing? album. Written with simple, authentic energy, the songs are human and deeply spiritual all at once. They tell stories of loss and resilience, hope and fear. They tell stories of connection and doubt, as well as joy and bliss. They are the full spectrum of who we are and who we can be. They come in the package that is Alicia - the folk singing, secret rock star, totally open flower child of the eighties. 


The official release date is May 17, 2019.

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Why now? Why release on May 17, 2019?

A huge part of my story is the story of my mom, Ellen Cuddy Mathewson. I was born in 1971 in Melrose, MA to Ellen and Hub (as well as my two big bros & sister, arriving a little later). In 1972, they moved to Cape Cod and my Dad still lives in the house I grew up in - That's Pretty Awesome!


In 1998, right after I moved to NYC to live my dream of writing musical theater and the next big Broadway Hit, Ellen, my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I remember sitting at the round wooden table in the kitchen during spring break next to my sister, as our mom told us she would be having a full mastectomy in just a few days. It was the kind of cancer they find late and is not picked up by mammogram. It was also the kind of cancer that the hormones she was given to treat other things, actually helped it grow (but that's another story).

The good news is Ellen was a powerful and deeply spiritual being and despite the fact that the medical prognosis was "six months to live", she was blessed with the combination of the best western care one could have received at that time, along with a deep spiritual faith. This faith and awareness led her to work with a health coach and become a Reiki Master. Because of her own strength and the care around her, Ellen lived for 9 years until 2007. For most of this time, she lived incredibly well and travelled the world, eating amazing food, hearing amazing music, seeing amazing theater, and celebrating the people and places she loved most. Her motto was Rejoice Regardless. And she did.


I was blessed to witness this journey as her daughter and it was the greatest awakening in this lifetime. This story, this love, this vibration of Rejoice Regardless is in the music and in the vision of Queen City Records.


Ellen loved food, music, connection, Spirit, her friends & family and laughing loudly. All of the release parties will include this and then some! Join us on May 17 in NYC - the exact 12 year anniversary of Ellen's passing and celebrate the Vibration of Her Spirit. 

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