Who is Queen City Records?

We want to hear music from Spain and Northern Kentucky, Brooklyn and San Diego, Montreal and Maine, Ethiopia and London. We want to hear different genres from hip hop to classical to country to indie/alternative. We want to offer a platform for all artists who have an important vibration and we don't want them to feel like they have to do it alone.

And so, Queen City Records is born. An Amplifier, An Amplifier of love, peace, truth, right-conduct, and non-violence. An amplifier of musical and creative artists who want to serve themselves and Humanity through the unique vibration of their song and sound.

Our Vision is to have 12 artists by 2022 and produce music festivals throughout the world that help share this vibration in service of the local communities we arrive in and the planet as a whole.

We need you. We cherish you. We thank you for feeling this vibration - it's vision, it's joy, it's power and it's true desire to be about ALL. It's not about any one Being. it's about ALL BEINGS.